What is your favorite hymn?

First of all, this is my favorite, and my favorite rendition:

I got the idea to ask you what your favorite hymn is when I ran across this video from the BBC. Apparently they polled their audience to find out the favorite ten hymns in the U.K., and did a count-down broadcast. Hope you watch and enjoy!

If you want to skip around, here are the hymns:

04:23 – “I, The Lord Of Sea And Sky”, Congregational Singing
09:11 – “Be Still For The Presence Of The Lord”, led by Lesley Garrett
13:28 – “Amazing Grace”, led by Eddi Reader
18:16 – “Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer”, led by Wynne Evans
22:22 – “I Vow To Thee, My Country”, led by Colin Thackery
26:42 – “Abide With Me”, led by The Kingdom Choir
30:15 – “Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind”, led by Katherine Jenkins
34:40 – “In Christ Alone”, led by Daniel O’ Donnell
39:47 – “How Great Thou Art”, led by Aled Jones
45:26 – “Jerusalem”, led by Perfect Pitch Young Choir Of The Year 2019

Some of these hymns are unfamiliar to me. I know that “Jerusalem” is quite popular, as it is the official hymn of the Women’s Institute. If you have never heard of them, the W.I. is a community-based organization for women in the United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand, which was founded in the 1890’s in Canada.

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15 Responses to What is your favorite hymn?

  1. MaryfromMarin says:

    If I am limiting to older hymns, then “For All the Saints” and “Be Thou My Vision”.

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    Well, the first one that came to mind was “The Old Rugged Cross” and second was “Amazing Grace,” third was How Great Thou Art” and next is “it is Well With My Soul”. So, about 10 come in fifth.

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  3. Reflection says:

    “A Mighty Fortress is Our God”.
    Thank you for the video and the listing!

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  4. boookworrm75 says:

    Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing. Above is a nice version

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  5. auscitizenmom says:

    The only song on the list that I knew was “How Great Thou Art.” I had never heard “Jerusalem.” That was a great playlist.


  6. weather257 says:

    He Walks With Me…makes me feel so calm.
    If ‘Jerusalem’ is the one I knew as a child, that is definitely up there. I never thought of it as a hymn, tho. My mom used to play it on the piano for my older sister to sing.


    • weather257 says:

      Just listened and, no, it’s different. I guess mine is called ‘The Holy City.” I don’t know if it’s a hymn or not.


  7. auscitizenmom says:

    We sang “Jerusalem” in church this morning. Only the second time I have heard it.


  8. MaryNutmeg says:

    Lol, I was hoping for more interaction on this topic, because I love hymns and enjoy learning those that others like. Today my favorite was The Haven of Rest. It is on a CD of solo piano hymns, by that title. I happened across Natalie Raynes music on Facebook, went to her .com site and ordered the CD. She is on YouTube. I like the stories behind songs too, just adds to the meaning. Prayers…

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