Question: What is the state of your retirement account?

Mine is down 23.64% for the year effective June 30, 2022, and down almost 20% for the past year (June to June). I know who to blame.

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4 Responses to Question: What is the state of your retirement account?

  1. Lucille says:

    The purpose of everything Biden is doing is to make Americans poor. He obviously doesn’t care.

    If we lose the 2022 election (and by losing I mean not gaining both the House and the Senate), what we are seeing now is nothing compared to what we will see up to and including confiscation of retirement funds.

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  2. Pa Hermit says:

    They come after the retirement funds that people have accrued over all these years, they better have lots of security! Bad things happen to people that screw all the other good people! Native Americans were awful good at an agonizingly slow death for people that deserved it!


    • Pa Hermit says:

      Personally, if they take my life savings, I won’t be alone in going down, I’ll take a few down with me. Then have a pow wow with them and our Deity. There’s absolutely no way to just turn the other cheek. I’ve checked out of my regular 401K and put everything into precious metals.


  3. Retired now, so no longer an issue for me – but I do worry for siblings and others still in the work-a-day world. It burns worse for those an inch from retirement that will now have to continue working another 5-10 yrs.


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