46 illegal aliens immigrants found dead inside 18-wheeler in Texas

Open border policies are deadly. The Biden administration is encouraging human smuggling which, in this case, resulted in the death of 46 human beings. Illegal immigration is bad for the United States, and bad for the people who enter illegally.

PS: I changed the title of this video. Fox prefers to describe these people as simply ‘immigrants’.

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2 Responses to 46 illegal aliens immigrants found dead inside 18-wheeler in Texas

  1. weather257 says:

    46 human beings, extinguished along with their hopes for a better future. My inlaws have a young gardener who sends money home to his wife and kids. Life must be very dire at home to cause this upheaval in their lives.
    Prayers for their souls.

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  2. Lucille says:

    To the Dems, this is just collateral damage. Their plans will continue until they are stopped by a strong, NOT WEAK, opposition to the policies which are destroying our nation. In the meantime, more will needlessly die.

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