Seen on social media – babies given haven in many U.S. states

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8 Responses to Seen on social media – babies given haven in many U.S. states

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    Hm. That’d be great, except the way this government works, they would be selling them into slavery or something.

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    • Pa Hermit says:

      Agreed, what has the government ever made into a successful venture? Conrail comes to mind here. As soon as it was broken apart and sold to the bidders, it was a huge success for them. The Government couldn’t make a dime off of it, but private businesses did, and exceptionally well at that!

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  2. czarina33 says:

    Whatever. Just protect the children.

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  3. Stella says:

    This is evil. An abortion doctor say it doesn’t matter whether the fetus is born or not born. In his opinion, the baby has no input. He admits he has no problem killing a baby as long as it is in the uterus. He explains how it is done.

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    • Lucille says:

      I find it impossible to watch this man speak. Does he say what he does with a human child who is born before he has a chance to kill him? The child is already “alive” within its mother. So Carhart is removing an innocent life from a rightful existence.

      How is Carhart any different morally from a man who kicks a pregnant woman in the stomach and causes the child’s death? How is he any different from a person who tortures humans of any age resulting in their deaths?

      Abortion is a sociopath’s dream, a psychopathic vision.


      • Stella says:

        He performs a lethal injection into each baby before taking it by pieces with forceps, then aborts the remains. Sorry to be so graphic, but there is no chance that these babies are born alive.


        • Lucille says:

          These killers who live among us have no fear of prosecution or even reprimand! Instead they are proud of their culture of death and consider it a worthy contribution to the world.

          He’s not too far off from his final just reward. But I’m sure he doesn’t give that a single thought.


      • Stella says:

        It is important that everyone understands what happens during an abortion. Many do not.


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