Harvesting Tips (and getting to the bottom of contaminated soil)

Thinking about the food sources that are being destroyed through fire or other means, I am sharing this video by a content creator that I follow regularly. She has been talking about contamination of soil that she purchased for her new garden space, what effect is has had on her plants, her discussion with the vendor and other gardeners throughout the world, and what is being done to rectify the issue. The problem seems to be widespread, and the cause isn’t yet known. It appears to be a mystery.

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5 Responses to Harvesting Tips (and getting to the bottom of contaminated soil)

  1. czarina33 says:

    Our land was pine trees for paper and wood, and before that it was soy beans and before that it was cattle.

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  2. She should reach out to “David The Good” on youtube as this sounds very much like a situation he was dealing with a couple years back….he and many others. I’m a bit vague on the details now, but if I recall correctly it WAS an issue with cow manure compost – pastures had been sprayed, cows ate, poo turned out toxic in gardens. Widespread problem as the herbicide was widely used. I didn’t follow him to the end on that issue……truth be known I do not like watching the guy – especially in his earlier videos. I read his books instead. LOL
    But he does know his stuff. Especially Florida Gardening, and anything to do with food forests.

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  3. Ha…..just got David the Good’s email newsletter, and he is reporting on Jess’ poisoned soil. The problem is very widespread.

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