Operation distraction!

Isn’t this the truth?

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4 Responses to Operation distraction!

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    Yes. Accurate.

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  2. czarina33 says:

    And just now on the radio I heard Biden stating that the food crisis is Russia’s fault b/c they are blockading Black Sea ports so grain cannot be shipped out, and stopping the farmers from planting the spring crop. But, didn’t I hear from Sundance that railroad companies in the US west are refusing to ship fertilizer to our farmers, and just two days ago Biden appointee Samantha Powers crowed that the administration needs to seize the opportunity (war in Ukraine) to force our farmers to change to green fertilizers and compost…(even if it means the US will produce less food???). While the cost of everything goes up because of the cost of transporting it is higher since fossil fuel is short because the administration won’t approve more production despite US needs for fuel and fertilizer, and the need to support European countries so they can stop using Russian fuels… is anybody in Congress going to do anything?

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  3. tblakney says:

    The abortion protest is a call to arms for base voters of the dimocrat party!!! You

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