Tucker: Naomi Wolf Compares Social Media Censorship To 1930s Book Burnings

Naughty thinking? Wrong think? Misinformation, malinformation, disinformation? This is great. As she points out, our founders understood that we must all be allowed to express our opinions, no matter how outlandish in order to preserve our republic.

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1 Response to Tucker: Naomi Wolf Compares Social Media Censorship To 1930s Book Burnings

  1. jeans2nd says:

    Dr Wolf has been appearing on Bannon’s show for a year or more now, recently sometimes a couple three times a week.

    Dr Wolf’s main target over this past year is the killer “vaccines,” and after listening to Dr Wolf one is left with no doubt that stuff they are injecting into people’s bodies, most especially children, are NOT vaccines and ARE killers.
    Why did Tucker not ask Dr Wolf about her main area of research and activism?

    Dr Wolf’s research is crowd sourced with 250 attorneys and 2500 War Room volunteers, going through the pharmaceutical company’s documents ordered released by a judge.

    Dr Wolf’s last couple appearances on Bannon’s show –
    29 Apr 2022
    Dr. Wolf: COVID Vaccines and Pregnancy 13:06

    28 Apr 2022
    COVID Vaccine Deceptions 7:17

    Kinda sorta off topic, but Dr Wolf was kicked off twitter and ever since Bannon has made certain Dr Wolf’s voice has been heard. Dr Wolf was one of the first admitted to Getter. And that is relevant to the social media topic.

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