Elon Musk’s political views over time – in his own words

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3 Responses to Elon Musk’s political views over time – in his own words

  1. czarina33 says:

    Love it,!

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  2. Jackphatz says:

    I’m not 100% behind Musk but he does seem to have a ‘sense of normal, real’ to him for someone who lives and thinks far outside the box. Look at the faces for each date, I sometimes feel that way too. He has to see the changes in society like we do. I guess this is the Far Left & Far Right he spoke of.
    This is going to be a very important time in American society.

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  3. resolute says:

    Elon Musk understands the Overton Window and what happens if you slide it left or right, and remain stationary. In other words, I’m not going crazy, it’s the world that’s gone insane.

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