Thomas Sowell – why do leftists hate individualism?

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2 Responses to Thomas Sowell – why do leftists hate individualism?

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    Liberals are nothing more than low life Democrats. Hard to fathom why someone would run on that ticket! They can’t run on anything other that the Republicans are bad and the Dems will raise your taxes. The only way they can get re-elected is to rig the elections. This is what their legacy entails? Lie, cheat, and fraud. I could never go to sleep at night with that on my mind! Must indicate the Liberal mind has no conscience! The really sad part is they’re proud of it! In four decades of public service, just what has Joe Biden accomplished? Yet he keeps getting re-elected? I see they’re rigging my state again for the Primary vote. Ever notice that Conservatives never use the word “hate?” Need to sheet can this mail in voting BS! Need ID too!

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