GAME OVER! (2000 Mules Trailer)

What True The Vote uncovered through painstaking data investigation over fifteen months – and it is still continuing! Trailer for the Dinesh D’Souza movie about the 2020 election fraud.

If you want to help with the work that True The Vote has done and is continuing to do, you can donate here:

True The Vote

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2 Responses to GAME OVER! (2000 Mules Trailer)

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    With the goods on phone tracking, how come no arrests? This is gonna be another one of Ms. Lyndsey’s strongly worded letters! OR Kevin McCarthy saying we should learn from this! Six years since Hillary used fraud in the election, yet she walks free! Zuckerberg donates $millions and walks free, Dineesh donates $20,000 and does time? Wake me when they get to the Dems! I’ll just pull a little Rip Van Winkle! They impeach Trump twice on nothing burgers, and Kevin has Joe dead to rights on a laptop and does nothing!

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