Nunes: Building Truth Social piece-by-piece to prevent Big Tech cancellation

The latest on “Truth Social” – Donald Trump’s answer to corrupt social media.

It seems that they will be launching a web-based version of Truth Social [] in the next few weeks.


“What these companies have been getting away with is something we have never seen in the history of the globe because a lot of these tech tyrants are bigger than what global empires were in history,” Mr. Nunes told me in an interview.

The first item Mr. Nunes wanted to talk about is the same message he had in Washington: Don’t believe “fake news.” In this instance, don’t believe the spurt of negative news articles about the Feb. 21 debut of Truth Social, Mr. Trump’s flagship antidote to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram et al.

[. . .]

“Bottom line is it’s the fastest-growing social media company in history,” he told me. “There hasn’t been one that has grown faster.”

Mr. Nunes resigned Jan. 3 from his House seat representing a district of rolling fecund farmland to become chief executive officer of Trump Media and Technology Group and its Truth Social blogging platform.

Mr. Nunes declined to discuss Truth Social user numbers or other metrics. He said he is complying with Security and Exchange Commission regulations for the upcoming merger with Digital World Acquisition Corp. and the plan to go public in the stock market. The Wall Street regulator must approve such mergers.

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1 Response to Nunes: Building Truth Social piece-by-piece to prevent Big Tech cancellation

  1. weather257 says:

    Nunes on the Trump payroll…not impressed!!


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