Government bureaucrats make “rules”, not laws

We have seen this happen repeatedly in our country and other countries, like Canada, Great Britain and Australia – supposedly free countries – over the past couple of years. It must stop.

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19 Responses to Government bureaucrats make “rules”, not laws

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    Yessiree Bob, the govm’t (DemocRATS) creates an emergency in the case of the bad flu to force the jab on everyone and control the election. How about an emergency politically? Well the PTB just want to get rid of some old trash in Slow Joe. Well how to get the Kenyan back in the WH? Easy peasy, buy out Kamala like they did Bernie and insert Obama as VP. Get rid of Joe and presto, Obama gets POTUS without re-election. You think that WH ordeal was to honor Obama? Hell no, it was to prep America for the complation of the fundamental change! Dems aren’t dumb, just totally underhanded!

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  2. resolute says:

    Government bureaucrats make “rules”, not laws

    Thank you for making that a headline in bold type. It should be both a campaign slogan and bumper sticker seen throughout the land! It goes hand in hand with the equally important message in that photo.

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  3. They’ve been officially “creating emergencies” since W….all part of the experiment in taking away all power from the people ultimately. This goes back to diddling by Daddy Bush in his day with the NWO stuff. There’s more setting the stage for it prior to that. They set the stage for it back in ’76 or so.
    Creepy creepy, slow and creepy….it’s now commies work.

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