Who is Kristina Karamo?

She is hopefully the next Secretary of State in Michigan, and who lit up the stage last night at President Trump’s rally in Washington, MI.

To me it is amazing and hopeful that there are so many black conservatives running in Michigan, my state. John James (for Congress), James Craig (for Governor) and Kristina Karamo are leading the way.

Here is Kristina, speaking last night:

From her official website:

Kristina is an educator, mother of two, and proud Christian patriot from Oak Park, Michigan.

Kristina is running for Michigan Secretary of State to fight to make sure that elections are decided by legal votes (not manipulation and corruption), and to improve DMV service for all Michigan citizens. More broadly, as Secretary of State Kristina will work to restore the rule of law and earn back the trust of Michigan citizens in our government.

A believer in servant-based public service, Kristina looks to the Constitution as the supreme law of the land, with its focus on limited government and the protection of the inalienable rights of the American people.

Kristina currently leads a research team – comprised of former Secretary of State personnel – investigating the “governmental pathologies” which prevent the Office of the Secretary of State from operating according to the rule of law. This team holds a complete operational understanding of election system failures and inefficiencies, and forms the basis of Kristina’s day-one policy team.

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2 Responses to Who is Kristina Karamo?

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    Looks like PDJT isn’t as racist as the Left is telling everybody. Knowing of the yuge red wave coming in the next big elections, the Left is trying very hard to make it so he’s not permitted to run for POTUS! With what they did in 2020, they would have to commit to fraud so yuge it would destroy the Democrat Party, with lots of people going to the monkey house.

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  2. czarina33 says:

    I feel happy and hopeful that these new faces are coming up with conservative values. If they can bring votes from people who finally see the Rats have not been delivering good quality services that meet their values, we will all benefit.

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