There’s an oil supply ‘100 times bigger’ than US reserve: Oil exec

You will probably have noticed that the White House keeps talking about the unused drilling leases. The oil company CANNOT drill on drilling leases without a PERMIT!

U.S. Oil and Gas Association President Tim Stewart says 4,600 federal drilling permits are waiting on the Biden admin’s approval.

He also says that that using the US reserve isn’t a solution. That reserve has a purpose, and it isn’t to attempt to lower the price of gasoline.

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4 Responses to There’s an oil supply ‘100 times bigger’ than US reserve: Oil exec

  1. jeans2nd says:

    They also didn’t mention that a good many of those “approved” permits are for land that has no oil. Kinda dumb to drill on land known to be dry.

    Lesko Brandon FJB is also going to fine the oil guys for not using those “already approved” permits.” The level of evil never ceases to amaze. There is no doubt in my mind Our Lord has been forced to turn His Back. 70 years?

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