Frugal Living Tips from the Great Depression | Grandma’s Frugal Hacks

Lots of good ideas. I’m sure most of us use at least some of these. Also reminds me of my grandma, mom and aunts. I remember wondering why my Canadian step grandma saved so many margarine containers in her spare bedroom. How many do you do?

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7 Responses to Frugal Living Tips from the Great Depression | Grandma’s Frugal Hacks

  1. stella says:

    I’m continuing to stock my pantry. Bought more butter, sugar, flour today. Ordered more yeast to freeze. What staples do you stock?

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  2. czarina33 says:

    We always had canned foods which did not have to be refrigerated or cooked when a hurricane could knock out power for weeks: meats (chicken, corned beef, ham, tuna), beans, veggies and fruits, tomato sauce, and prepared foods like Chef Boyardee pasta with sauces, chili, & stew. Always have pasta, beans, rice and other dry grains, plus instant potatoes & stuffing, oils and vinegars, flour and sugar and salt. And seeds to grow more food.

    In case of the Zombie Apocalypse, don’t forget you can cook up all the food in your freezer then can it in jars where it will last for months.


  3. czarina33 says:

    Got to #30 and had to pause!! Brain overload. We are grandparents now, and do many of these things because OUR grandparents and parents taught us lots during daily activities. Especially using things til they fall apart and wearing clothes even when not fashionable (confession: my raincoat was purchased in 1998).

    I recently altered several pairs of pants for my sister and she was delighted because arthritis has stopped her from being able to sew. My brother can build or fix most everything (including electronics with the help of You Tube videos). I freeze leftovers if I can’t eat them before they go bad. I drive cars for at least 12 years before buying replacements (truck is now 17 years old).


    • stella says:

      That’s funny how much you and I are alike. I got a new car last year; old car was 17 years old! I sew and have made my own clothes since I was a young teen. I don’t do that much any more though. I always eat my leftovers or freeze them (especially soup). I’m not sure when I got my raincoat, but it was more than 20 years ago.


  4. Pa Hermit says:

    Well I don’t feel so bad now. I chitcanned the boob tube and cable almost 10 years ago, I only have internet. When the dishwasher broke I do it by hand, I must have a hundred T shirts. My ex accused me of being the pack rat king! My living room has three large book cases, all full of reading material. I dislike fairy tales (fiction). My stereo is actually a 4 channel I got while in S.E. Asia 50 some years ago. Thank God I saved all my albums (LP’s) from then. I even pop my own popcorn when I crave it, LOL. I have one helluva lot of clutter in my abode, but sometimes I find stuff I was looking for years ago. I haven’t eaten out in years! One of my greatest finds was learning all about slow cookers. I have a brand new smoker I bought 10 years ago when it was on sale. Maybe time to start experimenting. Thanks Stella, I’m not as passe as I get accused of, LOL.


    • stella says:

      You are NOT passe, Pa! I still have my LP collection too, and a turntable to play them on. I admit I would get my dishwasher fixed or replaced if it broke. I lived without one for years before moving to this house 21 years ago. The dishwasher is 26 years old!


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