Lefties want all of us to just ‘forget’ the pandemic – just in time for the mid-term elections

They want us to believe that forgetting will be beneficial to us. Remembering will make us mentally ill?

And the New York Times – as they so often do – leads the way:

Don’t you just love the graphic of the man vaccuming up memories?

Well, New York Times, you might forget. We won’t forget how Democrats used it for their own power – and ignored science and cancelled opposition. As one Twitter warrior said, they’re hoping they can distract us enough to forget all about the pandemic and how their restrictions have crippled millions of people’s lives over the past two years. Don’t let them.

The person who wrote this op-ed acknowledges that we will remember bad things about the pandemic – mainly deaths of loved ones and lingering affects of infection – but goes on to say this:

It is also inevitable that over time, many of our memories of these difficult years will fade. As a neuroscientist who studies memory and memory disorders like Alzheimer’s, I find this fact — perhaps counterintuitively — comforting. I have come to understand, through new research, that there is a danger in remembering too much and that forgetting is not only normal but in fact necessary for our mental health.

By the way, the author, Dr. Scott Small, authored a book “Forgetting: The Benefits of Not Remembering.”

Of course, Dr. Small doesn’t mention that much of what went wrong during the pandemic is a direct result of government action, and most of those government actions were directed by elected leftist (Democrat) officials. And the New York Times doesn’t want you to think about those things or remember them when you vote next November.

Corporations are joining the media in the mitigation of the damage done. A case in point is United Airlines who is now letting the unvaccinated employees that they fired return to work.


March 9 (Reuters) – United Airlines Holdings Inc will allow workers who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 for religious or medical reasons to return at the end of this month, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, citing people familiar with the matter.

The move permits staffers with exemptions from the carrier’s vaccination requirement for its U.S. employees to return from unpaid leave or from the non-customer-facing roles they were allowed to apply for as an alternative to their regular jobs, the report said.

United Airlines declined to comment on the matter when contacted by Reuters.

There are 2,200 employees in this category. I think “unpaid leave” is a euphemism for “fired without compensation”. Do you think these employees will forget? It isn’t completely clear, but it seems that if the employees just refused vaccination because they believed it was their right under the law to do so they won’t be asked to return to work.

Kirby said about 200 of the company’s 67,000 employees refused to get vaccinated and were fired.

The 200 employees won’t be brought back and the newly hired workers will still have to be vaccinated, the WSJ report said.

Personally, I think the airline is giving in on this mandate because of the loss of pilots, meaning that they have had to cut back on the number of daily flights.

Of course, many Democrat cities and states are quickly backing off from their mask mandates and vaccine passports. That can only aid Democrat candidates in elections this year.

I wonder how they plan to counter high gas prices and general record inflation that affects everything else – like food. The current plan seems to be to blame the Russian invasion of Ukraine. I wonder how well that will work with the general public.

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6 Responses to Lefties want all of us to just ‘forget’ the pandemic – just in time for the mid-term elections

  1. stella says:

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  2. Pa Hermit says:

    We will remember:

    Brett Kavanaugh debacle,
    Romney’s knee bending,
    Canonization of George Floyd (a criminal),
    Trump’s walk across Lafayette Sq. issue,
    Bill to scrap Columbus Day,
    and Junteenth just off the top of my head!

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  3. jeans2nd says:

    As usual ID10Ts know little. Note the man is neither a counselor nor a psychiatrist.

    As time passes, what we remember is not so much the details, but the feelings, how one felt.
    The feelings many of us will remember are fear and confusion, mainly coming from the gubmint.

    Most who read this will admit they already knew this. It’s just more yellow journalism from the NY Times out to convince the masses once again of something that is not true, by obscuring the truth.

    It’s good to forget memories??? Good grief. This bozo needs Psych 101. He would learn something he desperately needs.
    (note this bozo’s field is chemical/electrical connections/interactions of human physiology, not the workings of the human personality – see Freud. those fields are not the same. bet he works for Pfizer or some related pharma company)

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