Alberta Premier opposes actions of Justin Trudeau

As you can see here, Alberta’s Premier Kenney wrote to PM Trudeau, expressing Alberta’s opposition to the Emergencies Act, and calling for an end to the trucker vaccine mandate and travel restrictions.

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7 Responses to Alberta Premier opposes actions of Justin Trudeau

    • czarina33 says:

      The final sentence seems to have lost a word, which I would suspect should be “to live with“ rather than “to begin with”. The world needs more leaders now who speak this plainly and sensibly.

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  1. Pa Hermit says:

    Amazing what a “cold” started!


  2. stella says:


  3. stella says:


    Four Canadian premiers have come out against the country’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plan of invoking the Emergencies Act to clamp down on the demonstrations against the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Canadian government’s latest measure would provide additional powers to the authorities to take actions against the protesters such as freezing their bank accounts and suspending the licences of the vehicles.

    Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said in a statement shared on Twitter, “The illegal blockades must end, but police already have sufficient tools to enforce the law and clear the blockades, as they did over the weekend in Windsor. Therefore, Saskatchewan does not support the Trudeau government invoking the Emergencies Act.”

    Alberta’s Jason Kenney, Manitoba’s Heather Stefanson and Quebec’s Francois Legault also posted similar statements as Moe is opposing Trudeau’s plans on the Emergencies Act. If the act is invoked, Moe and Kenney have demanded that the measure should apply only in jurisdictions that request it.


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