More Canadian government specious allegations of violence

While we have been watching the demonstration in Ottawa over the past several weeks, it is clear that those in attendance there are 99.9% peaceful. No damage has occurred to property. There has been no violence or attacks against police, politicians, or citizens who are either living or visiting the city of Ottawa.

Now watch this speech by Canadian Public Safety Minister Marco Mendocino. In his remarks, he claims that those who organized the protest in Ottawa are affiliated with a far right wing violent group that plans to overthrow the government. He links them to the group that were discovered to have firearms at the protest in Coutts, Alberta.

Putting aside that I am highly suspicious of the circumstances surrounding the firearms bust, there appears to be no evidence of any connection to the peaceful protests in Ottawa.

When questioned, Mendocino just keeps repeating the same talking points and vague allegations. He provides no details, or his sources for these startling accusations. WATCH:

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4 Responses to More Canadian government specious allegations of violence

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    When I was in the service and I would have been asked to go against my brothers and sisters, I would refuse. My oath and obligation was to protect the Constitution from both foreign and domestic terrors. That was against my country, not from some politician who didn’t agree with them! These people would never make it past the first day on a battlefield! I am not alone on those feelings! How do these people go to sleep at night knowing they may have killed one of their own??????


  2. Pa Hermit says:

    When you are in a foxhole, you put your life unconditionally in a partner’s hands, this chit is unbelievable!


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