BREAKING: ‘Eerie silence’ as ‘black vans’ seen at Canadian truck protest

Newsmax reports from Ottawa

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4 Responses to BREAKING: ‘Eerie silence’ as ‘black vans’ seen at Canadian truck protest

  1. pirapoi says:

    “The Rideau Mall has been closed”

    Why? – Because the government told them (and other businesses) to close down because
    there might be violence – plus they would be compensated for down time.
    Note: Since the truckers have moved in crime and covid have both DECREASED, and this section of Ottawa has never been cleaner.

    “There was a statement uh that you can’t have open fires you can’t have fuel”

    Yeah right. That ‘statement’ was thrown out of court by a judge – which is why the fuel the RCMP did confiscate was returned.

    Newsmax – All the news that’s fit to make up.

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  2. pirapoi says:

    Between the reporter’s head and the Newsmax logo (top left) one of Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite dishes has been installed. They are now livestreaming from the location and there is no way anyone can block them from doing so or shut them down via cell towers. Its totally self contained.

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  3. litenmaus says:

    Dave Rubin posted this One minute/40 second video that, in my opinion, speaks to the heart of the matter.

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  4. Re-Farmer says:

    People have pointed out that the order letter everyone was getting did not have official seals, nor was the order signed. It reminds me of previous letters people started getting, saying the organizers had come to an agreement and were going home. Others even suggested the organizers had taken fundraising money and left with it.

    A lot of lies and deception.

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