Dave Rubin: Trudeau Resorts to Extreme Tactics to Scare the Freedom Convoy

If you are interested in the uprising of the people in Canada, and throughout the world, don’t miss today’s Rubin Report.

Dave talks about Justin Trudeau giving himself emergency powers to squash the freedom convoy, the truly sad mainstream media double standard for non-left protests, vaccine mandate protests spreading globally, and Jordan Peterson’s message for the truckers.

First, Dave shares clips of the Justin Trudeau speech where he announced radical emergency measures and invoked the Emergencies Act to shut down any financing of the truckers. He is even altering the Terrorist Financing Act to be able to shut down their bank accounts.

Next, how is the liberal media bias going to handle the freedom convoy? Brian Stelter of CNN tries to argue against the concept of freedom to attack the truckers. He also includes a clip from “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” to try to demonize all the protesters as ignorant idiots. Thomas Friedman of the New York Times is even more insulting to the truckers. Dave also shares a clip of how the media acted a bit differently during the BLM protests.

Next, clips of how the freedom convoy protests have spread across the world. Major protests have now erupted in Italy, New Zealand, Israel, France, and many other countries. Finally, a clip of Jordan Peterson’s message for the truckers of the Canadian freedom convoy. He explains the difficult choice they have in front of them and whether or not they should back down.

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2 Responses to Dave Rubin: Trudeau Resorts to Extreme Tactics to Scare the Freedom Convoy

  1. Re-Farmer says:

    Much appreciation for Dave Rubin and his coverage of this. One of the few places with honest coverage.

    Word is, independent journalists in Canada have had their bank accounts frozen already, and the EMA has not even going through the parliamentary process to approve it, yet.

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  2. Pa Hermit says:

    Time to get out of these banks! Time to find other resources to put your money. Very hard to believe some power can lock your money up. They really seem to want this to escalate. We gonna have to start shooting our own people? What kind of government would insert that into their society. This will soon get very ugly!

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