What’s up in Windsor at the Ambassador Bridge this morning

The Ambassador Bridge – the truck route between Detroit, MI and Windsor, ON – has been completely cleared of protesters, and traffic is moving via the bridge between the two countries. The Windsor Police said that several protesters were arrested and “multiple vehicles” were seized over the weekend. The bridge reopened to traffic in both directions about 11:00 pm Sunday night.

This morning Aron Dueck checks out the road in Windsor that leads to the bridge. Police everywhere, and access to local businesses and parking lots is blocked. Cement barricades being set up along Huron Church so that access to the bridge is blocked unless you are traveling to the United States.

The Windsor protest was very different from the Ottawa protest in that the vehicles blocking the way were regular passenger cars and trucks, rather than semi trucks and trailers. It was therefore easy to remove the vehicles. For the moment, at least, the movement of goods to and from Canada at the Detroit River crossing is once again flowing normally.

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1 Response to What’s up in Windsor at the Ambassador Bridge this morning

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    Truckers might have something to say about this yet.

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