Feb. 8 LIVE from Ottawa’s Freedom Convoy 2022 – Viva on the Street

Yesterday Viva said he wouldn’t be back in Ottawa until Thursday, but circumstances have changed.

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3 Responses to Feb. 8 LIVE from Ottawa’s Freedom Convoy 2022 – Viva on the Street

  1. jeans2nd says:

    Was listening this morning to Barnes talking with Rekeita Law from a couple three days ago – Barnes is so pleased for Viva, said Viva is a natural for this.

    Meanwhile, Barnes is trudging on with the law side of the Trucker Freedom Convoy dispute.
    Kinda feel sorry for those opposing the Freedom Convoy. Barnes successfully argues his cases in the court of public opinion with solid law. With Viva’s livestreams, the opposition doesn’t stand a chance.

    Becoming a habit now, checking here about halfway through Bannon’s show. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date, Stella.

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  2. weather257 says:

    Where did I read government negotiators are going to meet with Convoy leaders? Hmmmm!!
    Convoy reps better be cautious – I’m remembering how LaVoy Finnecum was headed for a meeting with the Sheriff in John Day Oregon when he was ambushed and executed by FBI etc. J6ers are still trapped a year later!


    • jeans2nd says:

      Enrique Tarrio was on Timcast IRL 4 Feb 2022, and the stuff we’ve heard is not the half of what the actual truth is, re: the J6 prisoners. InfoWars’ Joe Biggs is a huge target for the jailers. Even the Glorious MTG does not know the truth.
      Tarrio spent 5 months in the D.C. jail with the J6 prisoners.

      Tarrio recently resigned from leading the Proud Boys, and everything Fake News reported about Tarrio and Tarrio’s 4 Jan 2021 D.C. arrest is also a lie.

      If Trucker Freedom Convoy arrests are soon to commence, one shudders at what may come next for them. Prayers, for both groups.


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