Is it a good idea? Never-used, little-known tool to shackle federal government

Not likely to happen soon, since we need quite a few more states to join. Here is what Whittle and crew think about it.

If you are interested in learning more, go here to download the Article V pocket guide:


Here is the text of Article V of the Constitution:

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3 Responses to Is it a good idea? Never-used, little-known tool to shackle federal government

  1. weather257 says:

    Mark Levin has been promoting this for years – even has a book about it. And yes, several states are on board. I strongly feel the states’ sovreignty is the only hope our dear country has, as the fed gov (and now many states) is and has been hopelessly corrupt for at least half a century.
    It was a battle since the beginning, but ‘hopelessly’ since all the alphabet agencies were formed.

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  2. As entrenched as Democrats are in positions of power, as many RINOPublicans as are also still in influential positions….and the willingness to CHEAT TO WIN at any cost that saw Biden squatting in DC…..I question the ability of this to make any improvements – or it could be yet another massive takedown of the Constitutional Order we have left.

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  3. As is pointed out in the video….we don’t need to “FIX” the Constitution. We need to READ it, UNDERSTAND it, and ENFORCE THE LAWS.

    Lack of enforcement, lack of will to enforce, has been the major route to our civilizational downfall in the USA.

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