In Memoriam 2021


What other notable deaths do you know of that occurred in 2021?

Others that I know of. I don’t think that I duplicated any:

Desmond Tutu, age 90
Joan Didion, age 87
Anne Rice, age 80
Mort Sahl, age 94
Jean-Paul Belmondo, age 88
Donald Rumsfeld, age 88
F. Lee Bailey, age 87
Larry McMurtry, age 84
Bernie Madoff, age 82
G. Gordon Liddy, age 90
Marvelous Marvin Hagler, age 66
Roger Mudd, age 93
Chick Corea, age 79
Leon Spinks, age 67
Rennie Davis, age 80
Jimmie Rodgers, age 87
Phil Spector, age 81


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8 Responses to In Memoriam 2021

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    Ones I remember that were involved with music. Sonny Osborne of the Bluegrass Osborne brothers. Country musician Tom T. Hall. B.J. Thomas.

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  2. litenmaus says:

    These are a few other ‘notables’…..

    Tom T Hall, Age 85 – Country songwriter/musician
    Senator John Warner, Age 94 – Liz Taylor’s sixth husband
    John McAfee, Age 75 – Security software developer
    Al Unser, Age 82 – 4x winner of the Indy 500
    Bobby Bowden, Age 91 – Florida State University Hall of Fame Coach
    Richard Trumka, Age 72 – AFL-CIO Labor leader
    Maki Kaji, Age 69 – Credited with creating the 80’s puzzle game, Sudoku.

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  3. czarina33 says:

    Lee Dobolek, age 73 – Czarowniczy. Retired soldier & government employee. Pundit, observer of the human condition. Renaissance man.

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  4. stella says:

    If you are interested . . . lots of oldie actors and actresses!

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