Most Americans have Covid and Biden fatigue, even if they aren’t saying so

That’s my opinion, and these people are saying it. Sundance posted this on CTH too, but it is worth posting it again so that more people can see it.

This panel – 3 Trump voters and 3 Biden voters – all say that things are worse. Only two of the four are vaccinated, btw. They are all concerned about inflation. And they all think that Covid policies are a mess.

Like the rest of us, they realize that we are living in crazy world!

Watch what is happening in England and in Israel. My prediction is that the Covid restrictions here will become a thing of the past. The people are mostly sick of them, and politics rule. Besides, it is easy to see that the vaccines and restrictions don’t seem to be working, and that in general states that have no or few restrictions are doing just as well or better than the states that are locking things down.

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1 Response to Most Americans have Covid and Biden fatigue, even if they aren’t saying so

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    Jorge hit the nail on the head! This administration (Regime) is doing the exact opposite of Trump! Margaret B. is a show of where the MSM comes from! No wonder I got rid of the boob tube!

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