Music of the day – We Three Kings

This song is appropriately sung on Twelfth Night (January 6), also known as Epiphany, or Three Kings Day. It represents the time when the Wise Men, also known as the Magi, came to visit Jesus, and is the official end of the Christmas season. Epiphany is a Christian feast day that celebrates the revelation of God incarnate as Jesus Christ.

People from countries all across the world celebrate Epiphany on January 6, and while the festivities may differ by culture, they almost always include a deliciously sweet cake. In New Orleans, Louisiana, it’s customary to buy or bake a King Cake. This round cake is filled with cinnamon, topped with white glaze, and sprinkled with purple, green, and gold sugar. A figure of baby Jesus is hidden inside and whoever finds it in their slice of cake is “king” or “queen” for the day.

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1 Response to Music of the day – We Three Kings

  1. czarina33 says:

    In all my 40 years here I never got the baby and got to be queen. Maybe because I don’t run in the royal circles (debutants do). However, among the hoi poiloi ,if you get the baby you must buy the next cake for your friends to share.

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