Joe Rogan interviews Dr. Robert Malone

Here is the complete interview; it is 3 hours long. I am listening to/watching it right now, but I’m sure I’m not getting all of it. Not sure what to think of Dr. Malone. He seems sincere and reliable, but I want to keep looking, watching and reading. One thing that he says is that he has no financial stake.

I have signed up for his substack email (he sends at least one or two emails every day).

Cliffs Notes on Twitter:

Here is the THREAD READER of the Acclaimed Journalist tweets.

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10 Responses to Joe Rogan interviews Dr. Robert Malone

  1. stella says:

    Can I just say that the term “jab” really annoys me? I’m not exactly sure why, but it does.

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  2. weather257 says:

    Thanks Stella. Bottom line: a lot is known and a lot unknown, and a lot of the known is suppressed for politics. This alone is cause for caution, and I would certainly never EVER let my child be vaccinated. My immune system has ultimately provided protection against various cold and flu episodes; and just as overuse of antibiotics damages the immune system, so can Covid “vaccinations.”

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  3. MaryNutmeg says:

    I’ve followed Dr. Malone, videos, interviews… all that I’ve come across since he was on the Darkhorse Podcast with Bret Weinstein. My take is that he is an ethically driven man. He has come very far from that Darkhorse Podcast to now. I’d recommend subscribing to his sustack.

    I also am subscribed to meaninginhistory substack. Worth my time. Way back he disagreed with SD on many things, but it has been interesting to watch him change. I first came across him on fb per Clarice Feldman sharing his writings. He switched to substack because of where he was, his items were… ahem, becoming unpublished.

    I also read and watch what I find with Dr. Richard Flemming, Alex Jones recently gave him show time to present his information free reign (not an interview). Dr. Ryan Cole, pathologist, is another that I believe gives worthwhile information. There are many more.

    I check SD often daily, as I do here at Stella’s. I miss the forever ago commenters at the treehouse that added to my learning, there are still many, but I’ve named the others “Barbies & Kens.” CTH is a viable place of education. Thank you, all of you. A tidbit about me, I am a retired RN ASN.

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