What are you cooking for Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day?

For most of us, Christmas is the first or second biggest family event of the year, especially in the cooking and baking department.

Some people prefer turkey, some prefer ham, and others (like me) prefer beef.

Since I have a small group on Christmas Eve, I usually splurge and get a rib roast (this year’s is a large boneless roast and boy was it expensive!), and prepare a few side dishes to complement this yummy main course. There’s a special rich potato and Gruyère cheese casserole, usually a salad and a simple green vegetable, although I have added other things. This year I am making mushroom farro risotto (good for our veggie diner, and delicious) and a pumpkin/walnut steamed pudding for dessert.

On Christmas Day I don’t cook anything, other than breakfast. I think I will make an apple french toast casserole made the night before and popped into the oven in the morning.

I know that some ethnic groups have special dishes and meals that are prepared for Christmas. For instance, Italians traditionally have a fish and seafood meal on Christmas Eve. Polish families often have dishes like fresh kielbasa, stuffed cabbage, and pierogi.

What do you (or your family) usually prepare for Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day dinner?

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4 Responses to What are you cooking for Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day?

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    Since there will just be me and my friend, we decided it is too expensive to cook dinner, so I will pick up two turkey plates from Bob Evans just like we did for Thanksgiving. It costs about $18 per plate and includes great rolls and a really good piece of pie. It also gives us each two meals. This works much better than trying to cook it all.

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  2. czarina33 says:

    We are going across Mississippi and Louisiana almost to Baton Rouge to have Christmas Eve lunch buffet with a friend and her friends and family. We are bring three bean salad and some beer Czar liked: 1514.

    Christmas Day GGS and his mother and her current male friend are coming to the plantation where we will eat BBQ ribs on the back porch, with cauliflower with cheese sauce, and pie (maybe apple-cranberry, my fave). Predicted to be sunny and 80*.

    Sunday I will cook turkey dinner, with herb seasoned dressing, Brussels sprouts (will look back for the recipe in last year’s thread), giblet gravy, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie.

    Monday I will boil the turkey carcass, skin and such and start Czar’s turkey and andouille gumbo (thickened with a peanut-butter color roux, not okra). That night we will have turkey hash, at my brother’s request.

    Tuesday through Thursday will be leftovers.

    Friday is under discussion but corned beef is leading. New Year’s Day we will eat poor so we can be rich the rest of the year: black-eyed peas with cabbage.

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  3. WeeWeed says:

    A tip I thought I’d share here – this could save a little work!

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