Joe Manchin: ‘I cannot vote’ for Build Back Better amid ‘real’ inflation

Sometimes I think that Joe Manchin is one of the few moderate Democrats left in Congress. He acknowledges inflation caused by regulations, energy policy, wild leftist fiscal policy and massive spending supported by the White House, and the increased damage that this bill will do to our economy. Still, we can’t forget that he’s still a politician.

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5 Responses to Joe Manchin: ‘I cannot vote’ for Build Back Better amid ‘real’ inflation

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    Don’t ever lose sight that he’s a Democrat! If he liked what the Right does he would’ve changed party.

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    Manchin is no hero. Manchin has heard from his constituents, and the threats of the Communist Democrats are nothing compared to the ire of Westbygawd miners and families.

    Manchin knows which side of his bread is buttered, and it’s not Washington D.C.
    Manchin wants to retain his legacy in Westbygawd, and his legacy will be burned to the ground by the D.C. Communitsts.
    Those Westbygawd guys are no dummies. Nice the Communists so underestimate them lol.


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