Rich & Rowe – Santa’s Gotta Dirty Job (Official Music Video)

John Rich of the Country Duo Big & Rich and Mike Rowe, the creator and host of the hit TV series “Dirty Jobs” bring some Christmas cheer to America! Mike and John were talking and decided “Ya know, Santa Claus has a really dirty job when you think about it!” The addition of the Oak Ridge Boys was the cherry on top, and all proceeds of the song will be given to Folds Of Honor, and The Mike Rowe Works Foundation. We think “Santa’s Gotta Dirty Job” could be a new classic for every Christmas to come. Give it a view, sit back and smile!”

Rich Records LLC……

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2 Responses to Rich & Rowe – Santa’s Gotta Dirty Job (Official Music Video)

  1. cdalereed says:

    This is just great. Thank you for sharing, Stella. A smile a day doesn’t hurt.

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  2. Reflection says:

    II have a great deal of respect for Mike Rowe.

    His work and foundation have helped foster renewed respect for those who work “in the trades”.

    God bless all those who work, often sight unseen, to provide better lives for us all.

    I will share!

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