Are blacks treated differently than whites in court?

You will see all over Twitter that Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted because he is white, the judge is white, etc. etc. But is it a true representation that a black young man would have been treated differently?

Saw this excellent thread on Twitter, and wanted to share it with you. Fortunately Thread Reader packaged it up for us! I’m only including a small portion of the cases that she (Amy Swearer) lists:

This idea that only white people are allowed to avail themselves of the claim of self-defense, or that they can largely just do whatever and get away with it by claiming self-defense, is absurd: a thread.

Timothy Simpkins, an 18-year-old who shot three people with an illegally possessed gun at a Texas high school, is literally out on bond right now and claiming he shot in self-defense. Honestly, he has a viable claim wrt to the intended target.

There are dozens more.

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