Voters turn out and hand Glenn Youngkin the governor’s race in Virginia, Eric Adams and Michelle Wu the mayoral races in NYC and Boston

And Democrats are crying and gnashing their teeth over the Youngkin win. We have yet to see if the Republicans will win in New Jersey. Of course Adams and Wu are both Democrats (no surprise there); we will see how they do.

I hope the Virginia win is a bellwether. If it is, I think we can expect good things from the 2022 Congressional elections! We have to keep pushing and demanding fair elections in our states. If we turn out, it will make it so much harder for the crooks to steal elections. If we deliver a firm voting majority, then they won’t be able to illegally snatch them from us.

Here is what Victor Davis Hanson (I love that man!) says about it.

Last Night’s Election: Why Glenn Youngkin Won

Yes, the Glenn Youngkin campaign was supercharged by local and state issues.

No Virginians, like no Americans, want to be called racists. In fact, they voted in their first African American and Latino statewide elected officials—classical anti-racism ignoring the “anti-racism” racism of the Left.

Ditto the New York mayor’s race, where African-American Eric Adams was elected to replace the “anti-racism”/racism of a pathetically inept white leftist Bill de Blasio. In sum, voters did not appreciate being called racists by self-described racists.

Much less will they pay taxes to schools to brainwash their children into saying their parents are racists. No one wants schoolboard members to puff themselves up like Soviet commissars to ridicule anyone who identifies their own abject failures.

All that said, this is the first major election when Americans have had a chance—along with the New Jersey gubernatorial, the other statewide Virginia, and the New York mayor’s races— to weigh in on the last ten months of Joe Biden’s utter insanity.

And they did.

Their verdict in blue Virginia was loud, clear—and cannot be contextualized by blaming the obnoxious Terry McAuliffe as an aberrant Democratic dunce or complaining about “voter suppression”—Stacey Abrams style—or whining the Left was unprepared as they were in 2016 or smearing supposedly misled, uniformed Trump deplorables or sighing Virginia always votes against current Washington.

Voters concluded that these disasters since January were not just reflections of leftwing extremism—although they were that and more—but they endangered the very continuance of American life.

Read the rest. It’s good stuff!

Eric Adams, new NYC mayor

Michelle Wu, new Boston mayor

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5 Responses to Voters turn out and hand Glenn Youngkin the governor’s race in Virginia, Eric Adams and Michelle Wu the mayoral races in NYC and Boston

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    Eric Adams is a Democrat. But, if I remember correctly, I have heard him speak and I think he might work out all right.


  2. stella says:

    More good news:

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