General Discussion, Sunday, October 31, 2021

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  1. texan59 says:

    Mornin’ all. I’ve got the coffee pot on and something from our Favorite Sunday Columnist. She’s feeling something in the air, and I don’t think it’s just the fall weather. Fill up your cup and enjoy the read.

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  2. texan59 says:

    Have a Spooktacular Day! Happy Halloween, y’all!

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  3. Menagerie says:

    Morning everyone. I know many here are at least a bit Anglophile. I found this to be an interesting short take on the Queen’s motivation. I greatly admire her. Her son the prince, not at all. But that’s irrelevant.

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  4. Menagerie says:

    Hoo boy, and the world gets weirder, and more dangerous. Jewitches. People have lost sight of the fact that occult practices are forbidden by God, dangerous, and an invitation to evil forces. I blame Disney fondness for witches and magic for part of this. Yes, I am serious.

    In this article, they very blithely dismiss the Torah’s teachings.

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  5. texan59 says:

    I wasn’t sure that IceCream Joe could get any dumber………but I was wrong. He claimed the other day if they would just pass his BBB bill, we could all drive across the country in our electric car on a single tank of gas………….figuratively speaking of course. What a maroon!

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  6. WeeWeed says:

    Trick or Treat sportsfans!

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  7. Menagerie says:

    Let me ramble just a bit on this link. To be Catholic, and receive the Body of Christ is a state of mortal sin is, in and of itself, a terrible mortal sin. No matter what the Bidens and Pelosis of the Catholic Church say, you can never be a practicing Catholic in a state of grace and support, be involved in, protect, or legislate abortion.

    Any priest, bishop, or Pope who enables this will answer for the souls they mislead, and for the blood of our lost children. Politicians, leaders, influencers, parents. All who do not stand before the world in defense of the least powerful of us, will answer.

    And these American bishops needs to slap the daylights out of apostate Archbishop Wilton Gregory and his ilk, who give cover to Biden, and right their ship. They can be passionate and loud about denouncing President Trump and have no spine at all in defense of life.

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    • Yes, I’ve been wondering about Catholics who ran to get the jab KNOWING the sacrificed babies used to make it BECAUSE the USCCB (US bishops) said the good of the jab saving lives outweighed the bad of torturing living babies to death to get the jab. Of course some people just had no idea what they were getting when they got it.

      After reading mostly LIfesite News about how the “harvesting” of living, whole aborted babies is done, I can’t get the jab or any medical treatment containing or developed with such evil, and neither can DH. DH is going to lose his job of 41 years on Dec 8 unless he can get a religious exemption – which is his true belief. I am calling the surgeon Monday to make an appointment to get a suspicious mass removed from my breast. I told DH I have thought about it, and don’t care if they say I’ll be fine if I take something from these sacrificed babies to live, I won’t do it. Doing so would just support the billion dollar industry made form these poor babies. I can’t extend my life at the expense of the terrible murder of an innocent baby who should have been just starting theirs.

      So many people today are terrified of death, including most of my relatives, about half of whom call themselves Catholic. I am afraid of dying too, but I believe at death you answer to God’s judgement. I don’t understand my relatives.

      Sorry if I have upset anyone here, but I had to speak my mind. The rubber has hit the road for us with him possibly/probably losing his job & me needing surgery. Please pray for us. Thank you.

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  8. WeeWeed says:


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  9. WeeWeed says:

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  10. auscitizenmom says:

    Mornin’ all. Don’t know why, but Loki let me sleep in until almost 9:00. That is a first. It is pretty cool out, very light jacket weather. Or, actually I could have gone without. I sure hope there is change in the air, at least for politics. Hope you all have a pleasant day.

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  11. auscitizenmom says:

    I just got an email from monkeywerx. If you aren’t familiar with him, he watches the skies for plane movements. He says there is a lot of activity over Orlando, FL right now, C17’s and C130’s. Those are the big transports, people or big machines. There are 6 counting on the ground and in the air. Problem is, I can’t tell if this is bad news or good news. The military has been bringing in illegals from all over and landing at military bases. That can’t be good. The Afgans are mostly at military bases.

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  12. stella says:

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    • stella says:

      “On Wednesday, in coordination with senior leadership at the White House and the medical team, I made the decision not to travel on the foreign trip with the President due to a family emergency, which was members of my household testing positive for COVID-19,” Psaki said in a statement.

      “Since then, I have quarantined and tested negative (via PCR) for COVID on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday,” she added. “However, today, I tested positive for COVID. While I have not had close contact in person with the President or senior members of the White House staff since Wednesday — and tested negative for four days after that last contact — I am disclosing today’s positive test out of an abundance of transparency.

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  13. stella says:

    In case you were wondering . . .

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  14. stella says:

    Had a real autumn dinner – turkey meatloaf, squash and brussels sprouts. Tasted good!

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