Things I’ve wondered about Covid

While there is much “information” in the media about Covid – statistics about hospitalizations and deaths, government mandates and restrictions, treatments and vaccines – there are some other questions that never seem to be asked or answered.

Here are two that I saw asked on Twitter, and have wondered myself:

What have you wondered about? Here are some others:

I have wondered what the difference is in numbers between those who have died FROM Covid-19 and those who died WITH Covid-19.

What is the difference between the numbers of those who test positive for Covid-19 and those who actually have the clinical symptoms of the disease?

How many people have tested positive, but not been sick?

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7 Responses to Things I’ve wondered about Covid

  1. Why hasn’t the medical powers that be pushed people to wear wrap around or over glasses (for those with eyeglasses) since you can easily catch viruses through your eyes.

    Why have there been no biohazard boxes for people to put gloves & masks in if it is as deadly as they want you to believe.

    Related bit of info – Went to lymphatic therapy last night at medical building attached to hospital. Therapist said people need the vaccine because the hospitals are full. I asked is this hospital full? She said YES, when she went to see a patient in the ER there were 10 patients in the hall because there were no nurses to take of them on the floors. (So – the hospital was really almost empty and the ER was full.) I said maybe a lot of those people were there because they could not get treated for 18 months and their illness got worse, & they can only get treated now. She said she was so surprised at start of pandemic when she was called to ER to see a patient she expected to see ambulances lined up bringing in covid patients, but there was only ONE patient in the entire ER. She had never seen that before. She also had never seen patients lined up in halls waiting for rooms to open up. I said I have. I’ve been one of those patients in the hall waiting for a bed, and that was long before the pandemic. She had never been in a crowded city ER/hospital.

    Then she said she knows the “vaccine” does not stop transmission, but it reduces symptoms, and one covid patient can be in the hospital icu for 3 weeks. I did not want to further discuss it as she was digging in her heels, and she has been good to me so I stopped.

    Then she said the service people need to make more – the people who bring the trays up to the floors and clean the hospital. I said they need to get a fair wage. NOBODY in NH just makes minimum wage. She said emphatically they need to make a living wage! Rather than argue I said I’m worried about losing people like her, the doctors, the nurse, engineers etc. Bringing up trays and cleaning the hospital can be done by retirees, high school kids, part time workers with a high school education. Only experienced people with education & specific knowledge can fill the open positions I spoke of. Then she said she will retire Dec next year & she’s worried her 401k will be worth nothing by then.

    It’s interesting how thinks. I think a lot of people are like her. Now, she does work like crazy 5 days a week & is exhausted nights & on the weekends, but she chooses where to get her info.

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  2. czarina33 says:

    Went to the Brownstone Institute report and read the first 12 citations (there are 91 in the report) which strongly support the contention that natural immunity is more robust and more long lasting than vaccination, and there is no need for vaccination of the convalescent population.

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  3. geoffg12 says:

    Here is something for your reading pleasure about the virus. Absolutely terrifying.


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