General Discussion, Saturday, October 23, 2021

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  1. WeeWeed says:

    Mornin’ all!

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    Mornin’ all. Hope your weather is good and you enjoy the day.

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  3. czarina33 says:

    Tried to post this 2x. Exciting morning! Found a 600# feral hog on the back porch at 6 a.m. Seems sick, so my brother and a neighbor will shoot it and dispose of the carcass. Can’t eat the hogs, they taste nasty. Will try to post pix later. Having no luck on my phone

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  4. czarina33 says:

    Brother shot it with the AK 47, neighbor removed it from the porch. Will post pix layer.

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    • Much better for the animal to go quickly like that. City people have never seen how an animal slowly suffers and dies when it’s sick, as well as possibly passing on sickness to other animals & people.
      How nice you live in an area where common sense & self sufficiency prevail. More places should be like that.

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    • Reflection says:

      You handled that well. Glad you have good neighbors. It may take a backhoe to bury that beast.
      Glad you’re O.K., and didn’t venture out before you saw it.

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  5. Afternoon All! 🙂
    Exciting day for Czarina! Glad that was taken care of quickly!

    Here is an 1892 Tiffany window titled “Autumn Landscape”

    Here is a beautiful Jugendstil* iridescent glass cat sculpture. Wanted to apply it to the window pic so it would look like the cat was looking out the window, but there was no image of it from the back to make it look out the window.

    Here is a vibrant ultramarine blue coco/coffee set

    and here is a lovely Jugendstil cat silver makeup case

    * Jugendstil glass was made mainly in the last quarter of the 19th century in Austria-Hungary & Germany. Jugendstil was the Germanic equivalent of French Art Nouveau. The term was applied to all forms of furniture, ceramics, metalwork, glass, jewellery etc.

    Ancient Roman glass was being excavated at the time, & it had a natural & very attractive iridescence that was caused by prolonged burial in the ground. The same effect could be produced by coating glass with metallic oxides & heating it in the furnace. Cased & cameo glass were very popular too. These were made of two or more layers of different coloured glass & the outer layer was carved out or etched with acid.

    The Austrian firm Loetz, one of the best known glass makers in Europe, played a leading role in the production of Jugendstil glass. During the 1880s the factory-produced glass imitated many [semi precious] stones. However, they are mainly known for producing the iridescent glassware. Loetz’s best examples of iridescent glass are extremely rich in colour. Among the more novel shapes they produced were three handled vessels.

    Some vases were mounted in silver, silver plate, bronze & other metals. A lot of Loetz iridescent glass was made in imitation of the American Louis Comfort Tiffany’s Favrile glass. Loetz glass was also exported to the US & sold alongside Tiffany’s products. They were stamped with Loetz marks, to differentiate them from Tiffany, as they looked very similar.

    Another company, Ludwig Moser & Sons, concentrated on carved & cameo glass. Most characteristic of the factory’s products were boldly shaped cases in purple glass, decorated with gilt plants or figures & carved & etched pieces overlaid in green & purple. The use of the iris flower was a particularly recurring motif.

    But the popularity of Jugendstil cameo & iridescent glass was fairly short lived. By 1900 the iridescent style was beginning to be rejected in favour of starker & simpler colour contrasts. Shapes lost their free blown asymmetry & irregularity & craftsmen started using simpler designs.

    Today, Jugendstil glass in general is recognised by its slender forms & very rich iridescence or applied or cased decoration. It is generally more delicate than French Art Nouveau glass & can also be more expensive on the market. Cased & cameo glass is much rarer than the iridescent glass. The latter was produced on a massive scale & thus survived in greater numbers. In terms of value, while signed pieces or those that can be attributed to the main glassmakers usually command the highest prices, unsigned items of rare design & decoration can fetch very high prices indeed.
    . ~ excerpted from

    Sorry it’s so long. Can you tell I am fascinated by art glass? 🙂

    Have a great day everyone! 🙂

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  6. Reflection says:

    G_d and Country,

    Enjoy the presentation of beautiful things. The Icart greyhounds were exquisite. Especially the contrast of drawing and execution in sculpture.

    The varied beauty of glass, from Tiffany windows to the sparkle of crystal; man playing with God’s light in joyful abandon, is another delight.

    Thank you,

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    • You Welcome Meditation 🙂
      With all the negativity & ugliness in the world, I believe it is important to take a break from it all. It is both relaxing for me to find & choose beautiful items to showcase, but it also makes me think of how people honor God’s creation of all the beauty that does surround us by the use of their God given talent.
      It makes me happy when people enjoy these presentations, and when they relate them to the gifts of beauty our Father in heaven has given to us for free in such great abundance.

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