Twitter censorship strikes a friend

Today The Last Refuge Twitter account was locked for “violating the  rules”:

Whether or not you agree with the contents of these tweets, there is one clear point to be made: Free speech is something we are accustomed to in this country, and those who don’t see anything wrong with censorship such as this to “protect us” aren’t seeing things the right way.

THIS is the reason why (compliments of THREAD READER), and what Twitter does is censorship.

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Eleven simple truths, you can fact check, that tell you all of these government COVID rules are not about health.

1) When 99.8% of the people on average recover from this virus, it means this is not about health.


2) When there is virtual zero risk to children and they want to jab age 5 and up children, it means this is not about health.


3) When a jabbed and an unjabbed person can both get and transmit the virus but only the unjabbed loses their job, it means this is not about health.

4) When Americans lose the right to decide what goes into their body, it means this is not about health.

5) When India and other countries reduce its COVID cases and deaths by 90% using Ivermectin cocktail and the US health officials deny its use, it means this is not about health.

6) When doctors are threatened with loss of license for using off label treatments to save lives, it means this is not about health.


7) When more deaths and adverse reactions are reported than ALL vaccines COMBINED over the past 30 years and yet health officials ignore this data, it means this is not about health.

8) When unjabbed people are denied other medical procedures because they simply want to remain unjabbed, it means this is not about health. Image

9) When early treatment therapeutics were denied and purposely kept from doctors, hospitals and thus billions of people, since March of 2020, leading to millions of unnecessary deaths, it means this is not about health.

10) When many people in Congress including their staff and families, allegedly take Ivermectin, with zero hospitalizations – and yet never speak up about the success or push to allow its use by the very citizens they represent, it means this is not about health. Image

11) When millions of people who got COVID and recovered and now have Natural Immunity, yet the Health Officials refuse to acknowledge and incorporate this into their policies, it means this is not about health.


And if it is not about health then you MUST ask the question………….

What is all of this REALLY about?

What is their real motive? Image

13) /END


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9 Responses to Twitter censorship strikes a friend

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    Notice they never censor the Left and they never fact check their liars! I’ll take Gab and Rumble every day of the week and twice on Sunday!

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