Former Biden official endorses border wall construction (Part Two)

Continuing discussion with former Trump and Biden Border Patrol chief, Rodney Scott, who outlines what he would do if he had his way ‘carte blanche’ at the border.

It’s just like your home: If you don’t know who is coming into your home, you have no security.

Mr. Scott explains that prior to Biden taking over the government, we had improved our border security significantly. Now the border is wide open, all the improvements in security have been shut down, and attention has been refocused on expediting the processing speed of the massive amounts of illegal aliens who are pouring into the country today.

Hundreds of miles of our southern border are not patrolled, and the border agents are working at illegal alien “babysitting” facilities.

He is speaking out because he is no longer a government employee. On January 20 a gag order came down that prevented current employees from speaking out.

What would he do if he was in control? He would reimplement the strategy that was continuing during the Trump administration. He would continue to build the border wall. He would continue to invest in the people, and he would stop illegal entry as far as that is possible.

He points out that the threats of an open border aren’t just drugs and illegal aliens. Terrorism is an open border problem. Criminals are an open border problem. If we don’t fix it now, it will only get worse.

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