Former Biden official makes stunning claims about president’s border policy (Part One)

Rodney Scott, Biden’s former Border Patrol chief who resigned in June, said the administration was dragging their feet at border security.

The policy? Mayorkas (DHS Secretary) and Biden are lying about the border situation, which became MUCH worse as soon as Biden was inaugurated.

The wall? The materials are there, and the U.S. government is paying contractors FIVE MILLION DOLLARS a DAY NOT to build the wall! And Biden’s administration has no intention of building any more wall.

Situations such as the Haitians at Del Rio are “shiny things” that take attention away from other bad circumstances at the border. While border agents must deal with Del Rio, the cartels are smuggling people and drugs over the border at unprotected locations.

Thousands of immigrants are being let into the USA and, although the Biden administration says that they are being tracked and will appear in court, the likelihood of that being true is low. Another lie.

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1 Response to Former Biden official makes stunning claims about president’s border policy (Part One)

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    I’m a little bit relieved that what I have read about and what I just heard is known more widely than I originally thought. This charade with smoke and mirrors must come to an end if this Republic is to continue as I have known it.Stunning doesn’t do justice to all this being committed by so many in high places! Actions must have consequences.

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