I knew this was coming – Hinckley Walks: Reagan’s Would-Be Assassin Soon to Be Completely Free

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3 Responses to I knew this was coming – Hinckley Walks: Reagan’s Would-Be Assassin Soon to Be Completely Free

  1. stella says:

    My feeling on the subject is that Hinckley should continue to be released with the many conditions, as outlined by Wikipedia:

    On July 27, 2016, a federal judge ruled that Hinckley could be released from St. Elizabeths on August 5, as he was no longer considered a threat to himself or others.

    Hinckley was released from institutional psychiatric care on September 10, 2016, with many conditions. He was required to live full-time at his mother’s home in Williamsburg. In addition, the following prohibitions and requirements were imposed on him.

    – using alcohol
    – possessing any firearms, ammunition, other weapons, or memorabilia of Jodie Foster, e.g. photos, or magazine articles
    – contacting Reagan’s family, Brady’s family, Jodie Foster, Foster’s family, or Foster’s agent
    – from watching or listening to violent movies, television, or compact discs
    – from accessing printed or online pornography
    – online access to violent movies, television, music, novels or magazines
    – speaking to the press
    – visiting homes, past homes, or graves of the current president, past presidents, or certain past or present government officials
    – driving from his mother’s home more than 30 mi (48 km) unattended or 50 mi (80 km) when attended
    – erasing his computer’s web browser history

    – to work at least 3 days per week
    – to leave immediately if he finds himself approaching prohibited places
    – to record his browser history

    Although the court ordered a risk assessment to be completed within 18 months of his release, it had not been done as of May 2018.

    On November 16, 2018, Judge Friedman ruled Hinckley could move out of his mother’s house in Virginia and live on his own upon location approval from his doctors. As of September 2019, Hinckley’s attorney said he plans to ask for full, unconditional release by the end of the year from the court orders that determine where he can live.

    On September 27, 2021 a federal judge approved Hinckley for unconditional release beginning June 2022.


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  2. texan59 says:

    You knew this was coming after they decided to release Sirhan from prison. :/

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