Desmond Shum: the Chinese business tycoon revealing the secrets of Beijing’s elite

This wealthy Chinese businessman is hiding in the U.K. from the Chinese government with his son. His ex-wife – a billionaire in her own right – was “disappeared” by the government off the streets of Beijing several years ago. Why? Apparently she wasn’t on the side of the right political team, or she knew something dangerous. Her husband doesn’t know for sure.

Now he has written a book about it. It is called

It’s no scoop to tell you the Chinese regime is thin-skinned. Anyone criticising Beijing does so at their own peril and can expect immediate – and often, heavy-handed – payback. And it’s not just foreigners who face the consequences. Desmond Shum is a Chinese tycoon who used to be feted at the highest levels of the Communist Party. The businessman could do no wrong until four years ago when he and his equally prominent ex-wife, inexplicably tumbled out of favour. Now Desmond is a pariah of the state, so he’s decided to fight back by revealing the many secrets of China’s elite leaders.

One point he makes that I think is very important is that China threatens even countries, not just individuals, and the reason they aren’t threatening the USA seriously – yet – is because they haven’t yet caught up to us monetarily. If and when they do, they will step on the USA just as they have many other countries, including Australia.

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3 Responses to Desmond Shum: the Chinese business tycoon revealing the secrets of Beijing’s elite

  1. Lucille says:

    Courageous and still physically free at the moment. I hope his book is read far and wide, especially by those who are toying with the mind-poisoning of communism here in America. Some of them are in the Biden Administration and they wouldn’t mind in the least if every pro-Constitutionalist is found dead tomorrow.

    To show their totalitarian bona fides, right now the feds are investigating the men who are trying to extricate from Afghanistan those American citizens and Afghans who worked for Afghan freedom by assisting our military. Why would they be doing that if not to oppress and shut patriots up when they return? See:

    Also see the following most interesting article a friend just sent me. Hopefully, prayerfully, people around the world will come to understand that the CCP is our mortal enemy. It’s China’s desire to dominate the world, just like Desmond Shum says. And they are well on their way.

    The Consequence Of The Conspiracy To Conceal Corruption? Joe Biden Is Bought And Paid For By Beijing
    by Charles “Sam” Faddis – September 26, 2021

    Late in 2020 what should have been a devastating story broke. Hunter Biden’s laptop had been abandoned at a repair shop. Copies of its hard drive revealed massive corruption on the part not just of Hunter but on the part of Joe Biden and the Biden family as well. The Democratic Party’s candidate for President appeared to have been taking cash from a whole host of unsavory foreign interests for years.

    It should have been the end of Joe Biden’s campaign for President. It was not. Corrupt media outlets and equally corrupt government institutions conspired to bury the story. Anything was acceptable in pursuit of the only goal that mattered – beating Donald Trump.

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  2. Pa Hermit says:

    This is what happens when you try to remove God and Patriotism from the people! I remember back in Grade school (’50s) when the day started with a prayer, Bible excerpt, and the Pledge of Allegiance. Now the best we can do is “A moment of silence.” I wouldn’t doubt that’s gone now too.


  3. stella says:

    How Whitney Duan became China’s richest woman, then vanished without a trace

    Once upon a time, Weihong “Whitney” Duan was the poster woman for the Chinese dream.

    After growing up poor, she wheeled and dealed her way to a billion-dollar fortune, making her name as China’s most successful female entrepreneur.

    Then, on Sept. 5, 2017, at age 50, she simply disappeared from the streets of Beijing.

    As her ex-husband Desmond Shum recounts in his new book, “Red Roulette,” (Scribner), out now, “she was last seen the day before in her sprawling office at Genesis Beijing, a $2.5 billion development project that she and I had built. There, Whitney had masterminded real estate projects worth billions more. And now suddenly she was gone.”


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