Border Protection union accuses White House of lying about agents on horseback

If you are a Twitter member, you will probably have seen hundreds of tweets that state that the Border Patrol agents were “whipping” Haitian illegal immigrants at the Del Rio TX / Mexico border. That includes Jen Psaki, Biden’s spokesperson.

Now it seems that the Border Patrol is fighting back.

Just The News/John Solomon Reports

Border Patrol Agent and Head of the National Border Patrol Council, Brandon Judd, accuses Jen Psaki and White House of knowingly pushing out ‘factually incorrect’ information about the situation border agents on horses yesterday. Judd commenting that Psaki ‘knew’ agents weren’t using whips, but reins, as Biden Administration authorized the training of Border Agents using ‘reins to be twirled’, as a way to keep people ‘away from the horses for their own protection’. Judd explaining that a ‘15-second clip that happened over a period of 10 minutes’ is then used to feed into ‘Defund the Police Movement’.

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1 Response to Border Protection union accuses White House of lying about agents on horseback

  1. JTR says:

    I have been around horses all of my life. They use long reins to order the horse what to do. This technique is used especially for cutting horses that cut calves from the herd for tagging, shot and branding. A good horse is trained to where you don’t rally beat them, you are just telling them what to do. They are so admirably agile!

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