9/11 photographer remembers the chaos | New York Post

New York Post

Photographers who shot some of the most unforgettable images on Sept. 11, 2001, and the days after remember the stories behind the pictures.

“I borrowed a friend’s motorcycle to get around lower Manhattan. I was standing behind Matthew Long of the FDNY in the smoke, and the wind suddenly shifted and the sun came pouring in. He was standing very erect, confident, with this pose, like, ‘Here we go, let’s get to work.’ You’re looking at this indescribable mound of destruction, the size of it. And he’s got a pike, he’s going in, trying to do something. Days like that you learn a lot about yourself. It was a day I did what I was supposed to do. If I wasn’t there, I most likely would have enlisted. I probably had about 500 emails from young men all over the country who enlisted because they saw my photos. That kept me in photography.”

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