General Discussion, Thursday, August 12, 2021

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  1. Lucille says:


    Outer Banks Beach, North Carolina…

    Apollo Bay, Victoria, Australia…

    “Orange flowers on the Sunny Ocean Beach” – Painting by Yurix Sardinelly…

    Have a beautiful day!

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  2. Lucille says:

    This rousing speech portion will give all patriots a needed boost…God bless this man!

    Lt. Governor Mark Robinson of NC Speech at the 6/2021 NC GOP convention
    Posted June 11, 2021

    “Because they saw trouble and knew that they were needed, that’s got to be us in this day right here, we’ve got to run to the trouble, folks.”

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  3. WeeWeed says:

    Mornin’ y’all! I do my best.

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  4. auscitizenmom says:

    Mornin’ All. For the weather here……….just read yesterday’s post…………or the day’s before. I’m still trying to cool off after our walk. I have to finish my tea and then get the trash out and put things away because my housekeeper is coming today. I think it will be her last day because she is so pregnant. And, her doctor wants her to quit. Anyway, I got a little behind yesterday and so I have to get busy. Have a great day wherever you are.

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  5. stella says:

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  6. Reflection says:

    In the disjointed reality of today, it’s pleasant to see the beauty of God’s creation. To know that the sun will come up in the morning because He is faithful. The beauty of controlled nature is always a joy to see.

    In reality, the world’s oldest profession is gardening.

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  7. Lucille says:

    One more mystery to add into the “Steal” mix. It’s heartrending to think of all the misery and strife which could have been avoided if the states had done their job to maintain fraud-free elections…but at least we now know who the traitors are in the Republican party….

    What do they have on Dan? Who got to him?
    GOING VIRAL: Rep. Dan Crenshaw tells Supporters “Don’t Kid Yourself” the 2020 Election “Absolutely Not a Stolen Election” #RINOReveal
    By Jim Hoft – Published August 12, 2021 at 11:40am

    Does Dan think this happening in AZ is unimportant?
    In Arizona in December “8 Hard Drives, 3 Computers, and Several USB Flash Drives” Were Taken from “Elliott Kerwin” – Now He Has Mysteriously Disappeared
    By Joe Hoft – Published August 12, 2021 at 7:10am

    In December 2020 it was reported that some key election material was obtained at a raid at a house in Maricopa County only 2 days after the 2020 Election. Today the owner of the house and the material seized is all forgotten. Where did it go and where did he go?

    Who is going to flip next?

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  8. stella says:

    Love this.

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  9. stella says:

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  10. Lucille says:

    Central and South America are assisting in America’s destruction. The southern border is run by gangs and drug cartels, none of whom are tested for the Wuhan. The northern border is closed supposedly BECAUSE of Wuhan fear.

    Michael Yon linked this article today….

    Panama, Colombia agree to limit of 650 migrants per day
    By Juan Zamorano, Associated Press – Updated: Aug. 11, 2021 10:59 p.m.

    Yon also released an unedited video of ugly conditions in a muddy Central American migrant camp. On camera he interviewed three guys, one of whom spoke broken English. He was from Cuba and said that robbers are taking money from the people and killing some of them, especially those who resist in handing over their money and valuables immediately. He also said he has family in California that he will be living with. He looked like a hotshot–all tatted up, obviously well fed and very fit. Likely a con man.

    Africans are in the camps, apparently resting up in order to keep their appointments with the coyotes. Doctors Without Borders are there fixing the people so they can continue on their journey to the land of freebies.

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  11. stella says:

    Good idea!

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