Today’s Twitter pick – Covid edition

I love this one!

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7 Responses to Today’s Twitter pick – Covid edition

  1. auscitizenmom says:


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  2. WeeWeed says:



  3. Lucille says:

    Ted Lieu is known–by folks who are still sane–to be off mentally. It’s almost a daily occurrence to hear something bizarre from him. He and Fauci must be buddies.

    I just got this email from Michael Yon:

    Michael Yon
    Aug 1, 2021 at 2:06pm
    Signs of Lying — it’s Horse Medicine, and Performative Anger

    When I’m on the ground doing research, and I ask a question and someone becomes angry with me — and even attacks with ad hominem — I KNOW I got a fish on the line. And, weirdly, I typically was not even fishing. More like a fish jumps in the boat while I was looking for something else.

    That was the case with Brigadier General Daniel Menard in Afghanistan. I was not even looking and suddenly came the frontal attack. My subsequent research led to his being reduced in rank to Colonel and being kicked out of the Canadian Army. Later he was put in prison in Afghanistan for something else. Had he just been polite…he might still be a General.

    Or just massive and obvious lies from false light. Such as characterizing ivermectin as an animal medicine. You KNOW what follows is a lie. Yes, ivermectin is used in animals. But then so are penicillin and at least hundreds of other potions. It’s just a straight up lie by false light. Ask any veterinarian you know how many human medicines are used with animals.

    If they did not fear that ivermectin would work, they would demand and or even fund clinical trials to settle the controversy. It walks like a…

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  4. RevBroGenerik says:

    Mostly peaceful inspiration, yet violent armed expiration.

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  5. Well then….LOL cut off the man’s oxygen altogether! After all, by his logic, none of us should be subjected to the smell (figuratively) as he farts that sort of crap out his ass.


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