Here comes the purge . . .

Twitter (and I’m sure the other social media platforms will follow suit) doesn’t want anybody to know what is going on with the state election audits. Obviously it isn’t looking good for the Democrat Party.

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2 Responses to Here comes the purge . . .

  1. texan59 says:

    All pretense of fairness is long gone. They are just going straight-on in your face. Not that the info won’t get out, but what a bunch of pansy-*ss, whiny babies.

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    Does one require more proof demonstrating how really really stupid these people are?

    Did at-jack really think the Arizona Audit and the Arizona Audit Warroom would not migrate to another platform, Gettr specifically?
    Has either at-jack or RoboZuck managed to shut Pres Trump up?

    There is a reason these so-called “really smart people” are nearly all college drop-outs.
    The proof is right there before one’s eyes.

    Thanks for the laugh. These id10ts never fail to rouse a chuckle.


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