Gov. Abbott: Biden Admin’s Plan Is Catch and Release — Texas Plan Is Catch and Jail

Interesting interview by Maria Bartiromo. The first part of the interview deals with the new voting bill in Texas. The latter part (starting at about 7:00) deals with illegal immigration and Texas’ efforts to apprehend and jail those who cross the border illegally, since the Federal government will not do their job enforcing the laws.


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) on Sunday revealed that Texas was arresting and jailing illegal immigrants to combat the border crisis amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Abbott, highlighting that President Joe Biden and his administration’s catch and release plan in place is “opening the floodgates for people who are coming from countries where there is an extremely low vaccination rate,” told Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures” that Texas is catching and jailing illegal aliens.

“[W]hat Texas is doing — we’re not playing games anymore,” Abbott advised. “I deployed The National Guard, as well as the Texas Department of Public Safety, and we have a new program in place because the Biden administration plan is to catch and release. The Texas plan is to catch and to jail. So, we are arresting and jailing. The program has already begun. It took a few weeks to set up because we actually had to set up an entire new booking system. We had to get judges involved in the process, magistrates. … We had to open up a former prison that has now 1,000 jail beds that we’re starting to fill up. We are arresting people every single day, and we’re arresting fortress pass. When you come across the river, you’re typically coming into private property or county property or state property. You are trespassing.”

“And because I declared it an emergency, the punishment for the crime has been doubled, so … that can put them in jail for half a year or a year,” he added.

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6 Responses to Gov. Abbott: Biden Admin’s Plan Is Catch and Release — Texas Plan Is Catch and Jail

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    Under either plan, WE pay for it. And, under either plan they get to stay. What does he expect to do with them when their jail time is up? Of course, the plan probably is to discourage them from coming once they know that they will be jailed for the next year or so.


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