Anti vaccine passport demonstrations in Europe . . .

I don’t know if you have heard about this, but if you are heading to Italy or France this summer you will have to show a vaccine passport to enter tourist attractions and bars. These same restrictions apply to residents of those countries.

Countries across Europe are enforcing new rules which will only allow people who have had a vaccine jab, negative test or Covid antibodies to travel freely.

As a result, large protests are occurring in many cities of Australia, England, France, and Italy against Covid restrictions, vaccine passports, and mandatory vaccinations.

Greece has already introduced the new measure, requiring proof of vaccination to enter restaurants, bars, cafes and indoor venues.

Italy has confirmed that from August 6, anyone trying to enter bars, restaurants, museums, cinemas and other indoor venues will need to show the country’s ‘green certificate’. The pass will prove that the holder has had at least one jab of the vaccine, has a negative Covid test or has Covid antibodies.

France has already enforced a mandatory proof of full vaccination, negative Covid test or Covid antibodies for anyone going to bars, cafes and tourist attractions including the Eiffel Tower, which will be in place from August.




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5 Responses to Anti vaccine passport demonstrations in Europe . . .

  1. FrankieZee says:

    Coming to the USA soon.


  2. auscitizenmom says:

    I am not sure what is going on here in Florida. Gov. DeSantis passed a bill to ban mandated vaccine visas for travel, but far down in the bill, evidently it says that under certain circumstances people can be forcibly be made to take vaccines if someone deems it necessary for the population. I hope that is not true. I find it hard to believe he would sign that.


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