It’s Caturday!

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  1. Lucille says:

    Cat sense of direction: are cats really able to find their way back home?
    22 January 2021

    Feral cats seem to have a very good sense of direction, but is this true for pet cats? Luckily, there are some precautions you can immediately take to prevent your cat from getting lost.

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    • Morning Lucille 🙂
      The picture does not show up on my computer, so in case others can’t see it, I put this kitty with beautiful green eyes from the article here.

      It really is fascinating about them and the earth’s magnetic field.

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  2. Lucille says:

    Woman Becomes Third Wheel In Her Cat And Husband’s Relationship
    The Dodo Cat Crazy – 4.12.21

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  3. OK , I’m just putting this out here for all you cat lovers. 🙂
    Cats are beginning to grow on me, they are really funny at times, but I’m so severely allergic I can only enjoy their company on the internet – and I do!

    Have a great day everyone!

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