Bill Whittle: Clues from the Mural Mystery: Understanding the Black Death That’s Killing Our Society

He isn’t talking about Covid.

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8 Responses to Bill Whittle: Clues from the Mural Mystery: Understanding the Black Death That’s Killing Our Society

  1. weather257 says:

    “…start to begin to understand the questions…”
    Got a long way to go, but going nowhere without the first step. Good, thought-provoking presentation; and I think it comes down to making the effort from the individual (us) on up the line. I like the graphic on Gab yesterday that (paraphrasing) says recognize the good candidates and support them. There are virtuous people now running for government that just can’t take the corruption any longer, and we need to find and $upport every one of them.

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  2. mugzey302 says:

    Infiltration began many years ago with the purpose of destroying the unity of America’s citizens. The supposed “intellectual” class in academia, at the uni and college levels, began the rebellion, the antisocial behavior and selfishness, the division of class, ethnic, culture, age ~ all symptoms of a communist infiltration. Then those students carried it to the high school and elementary levels. We didn’t see the insidious nature of it, but it is certainly evident now. Nobody is responsible or accountable for their behaviors or failures, the racial hatred from the “victims” is staggering, and the programming/indoctrination from mainstream media promotes class/race warfare. All for the purpose of destroying America’s exceptionalism and unity, preparing for the takeover of globalism and a communist “reset”. The greed of Corporate America and politicians sold us out, and because of the laziness of the public they failed to notice much less vote. We have a huge battle in front of us if we are to Save America. It’s a supernatural war as well as cultural/political/economic. Obviously, awareness comes first. Almighty God has a plan for America, President Trump is someone God chose to use as His servant/messenger to open our minds/hearts/spirits to this knowledge. Of course, the enemy of our souls hates this and anyone who wants to Save America. Which explains the rabid, irrational hatred directed at President Trump and his supporters. If believers would become patriots, and patriots would become believers, we would be a force God could use with His angel armies to Save America. We ARE at war. Each one needs to find their mission and suit up for battle. Run for office, serve on school boards, investigate election boards and voting machines, pray, learn about spiritual warfare to understand what that realm does to ours. Believers need to stop focusing on the rapture, and get in the fight. We all have a purpose and a mission. To reach the lost and save souls, pull our people away from demon influence so they can serve Almighty God and His kingdom. STAND! President Trump uses His influence to support those who will serve America and run for office to take RINO swamp creatures out of Congress. What can each one of us do? Find our mission, serve God, save America. May Almighty God bless us with courage, wisdom, discernment, and revelation.

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  3. Pa Hermit says:

    A nice thought provoking short video! Always liked Bill Whittle and his thoughts.

    My thought is that all it takes is one, just one to do something that alters the original, and that gives everyone a free pass to add their 2 cents! The core of that first one is where the flood gates open! My first thought reaction was that old WWII phrase that abounded throughout the world: Kilroy was here!” I’m sure there will more that goes back ages in time, but that was my first ring in that phone I call my cranium! Excellent video BTW!

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  4. Pa Hermit says:

    Ever notice that there’s a ton of avatars that have dogs or cats as the representation of themselves commenting? I’m included here! I will always try to be that person who my dog thinks I AM LOL!

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  5. TigerBear says:

    Dumbing down America……….See what John Dewey did in the 1910’s/1920’s!

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  6. jeans2nd says:

    It all started with the original sin, of course.
    Our history has run in cycles pretty regularly, with evil gaining supremacy for a time until Our Lord steps in and rights the ship, even with as few as one person (Abraham, Noah, Job, Lot) who retains faith.

    The bad times have a myriad of reasons which do not repeat, but imitate the previous cycles.
    Algorithmic Imitations as AI, not Artificial Intelligence. There is no intelligence involved in the evil part.

    This cycle began with communism, imo. It will run it’s course, until Our Lord steps in once again to save us from ourselves.
    Pray at least one of us retains the faith.

    The mural mystery is no mystery. Lax, indulgent parenting allowed this to happen.
    With liberty comes acceptance of personal responsibility and accountability. Liberty is the word used in the Bible.
    Yet, what do we seek? Freedom. Freedom is liberty without the personal responsibility and accountability.

    Love Bill Whittle, but Whittle may be trying to make this too complicated.
    Sometimes KISS applies.

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    • Menagerie says:

      IMO, people’s refusal to believe in Original Sin, or their failure to understand it, and complete ignorance of the concept, make things a lot more complicated. And a lot more evil. We can’t fight what we do not see as the enemy.

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