Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States, about the NYT’s opinion of election irregularities and fraud

If any organization should be familiar with fraud (their own), it is the New York Times! They are surpassed only by the Washington Post.

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6 Responses to Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States, about the NYT’s opinion of election irregularities and fraud

  1. Menagerie says:

    And thank you to President Trump for calling them out on their opinion piece. I read it, and the wording was ridiculous.

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    Haven’t read the NY Times article, and don’t intend to.

    The NY Times has no idea how much they are cheering up the Non-Essential Chump Whatever Deplorables.
    The Notorious MTG explained it this morning. The more a Congressman or Senator haul in in donations, the higher the candidate rises in the party, and the more respect they command, especially if the number of donors is a high count.

    In addition, many are taking over their local GOP party positions, beginning with precinct captain.
    There is a guy in AZ who has a website all set up with instructions for every state, Dave Whosits, and a good many others are organizing locally as well.
    And we didn’t even need an over-paid Community Organizer! ‘Magine that.

    Many thanks for the chuckle. Write on, NY Times, write on.

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  3. glendl says:

    The best way for the Democrats to prevent these kinds of happenings would have been if Biden had asked for audits of the states in question and went from there, His reasoning could have been he did not want to enter the 0val 0ffice under a cloud of suspicion.
    But he didn’t so now they can live with it.
    BTW: FL, GA, & NC filing numerous voting fraud indictments are going to increase the frequency,

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    • geoffg12 says:

      If Biden had asked for an audit in the swing states he would have lost outright. Why would he do that?

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      • glendl says:

        He did not ask because he knew what the auditors would find. Biden knew about the long running massive corruption within the Democratic party and their interlocking ties to the Deep State.
        Not only would he lost the election, Biden and dozens of Democrat operatives and officials.


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